Argos Customer Survey – Share Your Thoughts About the shop At (in the United Kingdom) Or (in Ireland) For A Chance To Win A £500 Argos Gift Card.

If yes, Argos, the UK-based retailer, is popular for the customer satisfaction it offers its customers in the shops.

Customers are able to share Argos Customer Feedback online and have the chance to take home an Argos £500 gift card prize drawing.

You can share your thoughts in the Argos Customer Survey regarding the quality of the products and customer service, the efficiency, the manner of the staff, the ambiance, and so on.

Argo’s voucher surveys are available in four ways. Argos voucher survey can be completed in four different ways and each strategy has a similar chance of winning.

Participation in surveys and purchases is not required for entry and the chance to win. Based on your last purchase, you may provide detailed feedback and critiques.

The firm will use your suggestions and criticisms to improve its future offerings.

In order to meet the conditions. You must meet the requirements listed and follow the steps below to provide feedback from customers and enter the prize draw for gift cards successfully.

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Argos survey

Purpose of the Argos Store Feedback Survey (UK & Ireland)

Argos is the UK’s largest digital retailer, which is and is a Home Retail Company subsidiary. It offers laptops, computers white goods, netbooks, and more. Through shops phone lines, mobile channels, and other channels.

The retailer Argo is interested in knowing how your recent visits to the Argos Store were. Did you enjoy the helpers there?

Are you happy with the services provided? On the website, they developed a feature program called Tell Argos customer feedback survey.

The survey provided by Tell Argo measures the satisfaction of the client at the time of the last visit. The Argo Store Survey allows new Argo customers to speak to the company about their issues and suggestions for growth.

The primary reason for the Argo Customer Survey is that it helps collect accurate data from regular customers to ensure that loopholes are identified.

The company examines the information and makes adjustments to improve the service after the survey. So, if you’ve recently been to an Argo retail store, please complete the survey online for Argo and assist your business to improve. Store Feedback Survey Details

Official Survey Website
Original Company: Argos Store feedback survey
Is purchase Necessary? No
Age Limit: 18 & More
Country/Location: The U.K.
Coupon Redeem Validity: No Limit (On Your Next Visit)
Languages To Participate: English and Spanish
Survey Entry Type: Online & Mail-In-Entry
Entry Limit: One entry per entrant per Entry Period
Survey Reward: Sweepstakes
Sweepstakes Prize: Win a £500 Argos Gift Card

Argos Feedback Survey Reward (UK & Ireland)

A £500 gift card (£600 for Ireland residents) will be awarded to the winner. It is expected that the Prize Draw has started on 23 April 2023 The closing date for submitting entries will be five February 2023.

If you are chosen to be the prize winner, you’ll receive an email or telephone number with the contact details given during the entry period. Survey Rules and Requirements

  • A patron at the Argos store has to present the original receipt for their visit or the device (mobile or computer) that has an internet connection, e-mail ID, telephone number, and a basic ability to comprehend the English language to take part in the poll.
  • The person who is taking the survey has to complete the survey online after 7 business days of having visited the shop.
  • There is no purchase or transaction required to provide feedback via the survey portal or participate in the draw for prizes with gift cards event.
  • Only Argos customers who are citizens of the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, and Ireland who are over 18 years old are eligible for the prize draw.
  • The participant has to complete the survey in order to participate in the gift card draw online.
  • Representatives, employees, officers directors, employees, and employees of the Argos retail chain, and/or the immediate families of their employees can’t participate in the prize draw.
  • After the draw winners have been announced every month, each drawing winner is awarded a £500 Argos gift card.
  • The winners of the prize draw cannot swap the gift card or alternative cash options are provided.
  • The validation code you receive after the feedback survey is Valid for 30 Days. It is imperative to ensure that the offer has been redeemed within the timeframe.

Quicksteps to win £500 Argos Gift Card Prize Draw

  1. Go to the Tell Argos Survey portal at (United Kingdom) or (Ireland).
  2. You must enter your Argos Survey code (Till number, transaction number as well as the Store’s number) and then enter the page of feedback.
  3. You can share Store Comments via the Survey page.
  4. Fill in the required Personal Identification Information.
  5. Complete the feedback survey and then wait for the chain to announce the winners.

How to Complete the Argos Feedback Survey at (UK) | (ROI) – Detailed Guide

Entry Methods of Argos Feedback Survey

  1. Invite Receipt
  2. Invitation to e-mail
  3. Survey Flyer in-store
  4. A Method to Free Entry (without survey)

1. Invite Receipt

When you’ve completed your retail purchases in the retail store, invitations will be given to selected customers to join a Survey.

If you’ve recently bought from Argos keep your receipt from the purchase for the survey using your survey number.

1. Visit (United Kingdom) or (Ireland) and enter the till number, date of purchase, store number, transaction number, age, and captcha code.

Argos survey

2. You can then give a dependable answer to any questions you have about shopping in the store Argos.

3. In the end, You’ll just need to build one record that includes details Like Name, E-mail address, and Date Of Birth.

2. Invitation to e-mail

You will get an email invite to take part in a survey if already signed up for Argo’s email updates.

Simply click the survey link that is sent via email to gain an entry into the draw for the Contest Draw and answer all questions.

3. Survey Flyer in-store

To take advantage of accessing the Argos Survey of Guest Satisfaction go to your local participating store to find a flyer that includes a website address.

The leaflet can be obtained from Argo’s partner at the time of distribution. Go to the Argos feedback website and follow the guidelines and participate in the sweepstakes of this Argos survey.

4. A Method to Free Entry (without survey)

If you don’t wish to complete the survey, visit and fill in the form with your name, email, phone number, DOB, and postal address to enter the Prize draw and become eligible for rewards (as shown in the image above).

Argos survey questions

  1. How satisfied were you with your recent shopping experience at Argos?
  2. Which department did you visit on your recent trip to Argos?
  3. Did it go smoothly locating what you needed?
  4. How would you rate the helpfulness and friendliness of Argos staff during your visit?
  5. Do you feel satisfied with the selection and availability of items you want to buy?
  6. Have you utilized any of Argos’s online services, such as Click & Collect or home delivery?
  7. How would you rate the overall cleanliness and organization of a store?
  8. Have you experienced any difficulties when using the Argos website or mobile app?
  9. Did the Argos staff offer any assistance or recommendations during your visit?
  10. Which retailer are you most likely to return to in future purchases?
  11. Have you found Argos prices to be more cost-effective than competing retailers? Survey – Helpful Tips

  • Anyone who has participated in the Argos Gift Card Prize Draw is advised to review the winners’ announcements thoroughly. You never know, you could become the lucky next winner.
  • Participants in surveys are also advised to share their personal details of identification that will assist the restaurant chain to locate the person and inform you promptly in the event that you are the winner of the prize draw.
  • Tell Argos Feedback Survey participants who cannot take the Argos Survey at or cannot enter the £500 Argos Gift Card Survey can share their issues below.

Customer Service

Phone Number: 0345 640 2020

Final Words

In the end, it’s an excellent opportunity for all to earn or save money. It is only necessary to spend an Hour Or So On The Survey.

You can also receive better products or services next time around, not only for free. It’s a great idea to seek feedback from your customers directly in the marketplace.

We hope that the issue about this survey is evident from this article. The details are from every corner we’ve tried to give you.

Earn rewards when you take off Your Boots At in the United Kingdom or in Ireland!

For more details visit the


Where can I find the Take Argos Customer Feedback Survey?

The Take Argos Customer Feedback Survey can be accessed online through the official Argos website or through survey links provided on their receipts, emails, or promotional materials.

Is the Take Argos Customer Feedback Survey available internationally?

No, the Take Argos Customer Feedback Survey is specifically for customers who have shopped at Argos stores in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

Do I need a purchase receipt to participate in the Take Argos Customer Feedback Survey?

Though having a purchase receipt may not always be mandatory, it’s always a good idea as it may contain information necessary for filling out surveys, such as unique survey codes or transaction details.

How long does it take to complete the Take Argos Customer Feedback Survey?

Surveys can take 5-10 minutes on average to complete and usually consist of multiple questions designed to evaluate customer shopping experience and satisfaction.

Can I save my progress in the Take Argos Customer Feedback Survey and complete it later?

Based on your survey platform, some surveys may allow you to save your progress and resume it later. Always refer to any options or instructions provided during the survey process.

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