Case 850 Dozer is engineered to maximize productivity even in the most difficult conditions, and also an excellent drawbar pulling, power, and visibility all the way towards the blade.

Blade and track configurations are readily available to suit the demands of the job. the 850 dozers are made to integrate with a wide selection of grade control/machine system controls.

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Case 850 Dozer Price

Case 850 Dozer

Case 850 Dozer Price: USD $34,900

Case 850 Dozer Specs

Brand Case
Model 850M
Series M series
Type Crawler dozer
Years Made 2015-2022


Brand Case
Model ‎F4HFE413P A008
Type Diesel liquid-cooled
No. of Cylinders 4
Combustion Common rail
Emissions Tier 4
Air Intake Cross-flow
Injection type Bosch high-pressure common rail
Oil filtration Full-flow
Rated Power 2000 RPM
Low Idle Speed 1100 RPM
Specs US Metric
Horsepower (gross) 120.0 HP 90.0 kW
Horsepower (net) 112.0 HP 84.0 kW
Displacement 273.7 cu in. 4485 cc
Bore and Stroke 4.1×5.2 in. 10.4×13.2 cm
Coolant Capacity 5.8 gal 21.8 L
Engine Oil Capacity 3.2 gal 12.3 L
Fuel Capacity 50.0 gal 189.0 L


Transmission Electronic straight tracking
Steering Hydrostatic
Brakes Hydrostatic
Parking Hydraulic release disc
US Metric
Transmission cooling 417 in² 0,27 m²
Max. Drawbar Pull 41,000 lbs 182.4 kN

Travel Speed

US Metric
Forward Travel Speed 5.4 mph 8.7 km
Reverse Travel Speed 5.4 mph 8.7 km

Hydraulic System

US Metric
Pump Flow 20.3 GPM 78.8 LPM
System Relief Pressure 3000 psi 20684 kPa


US Metric
Lenght 207.8 in. 527.7 cm
Height 108.6 in. 275.8 cm
Width 104.0 in. 264.2 cm
Ground Clearance 14.4 in. 36.6 cm


Track Adjustment Hydraulic
Frame Rigid suspension
Track Shoes 40
Track Rollers per Side 7
Carrier Rollers per Side 1
US Metric
Track Gauge 62.0 in 157.5 cm
Grouser Width 20.0 in. 50.8 cm
Track Length on Ground 93.4 in. 237.2 cm
Track Pitch 6.7 in. 17.1 cm”
Ground Pressure 5.3 psi 36.5 KPa
Track Roller Rail Diameter 7.5 in. 19 cm


US Metric
Blade Digging Depth 19.2 in. 48.8 cm
Blade Lift Height 34.0 in. 86.4 cm
Blade Width 104.0 in. 264.0 cm
Blade Height 36.0 in. 91.0 cm
O/A Width With Blade Angled 96.0 in. 243.8 cm
Blade Tilt 8.9 in. 26.6 cm
Cut Reach 16.5 in. 41.8 cm
Cast Reach 3.4 in. 86.3 cm
Blade Capacity 2.16 yd³ 1.65 m³
Blade Angle 0.43 rad. 25°
Lift speed 19.7 in. 50.0 cm
Cutting Edge Width 8.0 in. 20.3 cm


Number of Shanks 3
Hydraulic Cylinder Double-acting
US Metric
Max penetration 14.0 in. 35.5 cm
Ripper Width 73.1 in. 185.6 cm
Cut Width 70.1 in. 178.1 cm
Tooth spacing 30.9 in. 78.5 cm
Max. Ground Clearance 16.8 in. 42.6 cm

Case 850 Dozer Weight

US Metric
Long track 21,980 lbs 9,970 kg
Wide Track 22,750 lbs 10,320 kg
LGP 23,250 lbs 10,547 kg

Other Weights

US Metric
Cabin 560 lbs 254 kg
Drawbar 84 lbs 38 kg
Ripper 1400 lbs 635 kg
Winch 1001 lbs 454 kg

About CASE 850 Dozer

CASE 850M Dozer The CASE 850 Dozer pushes with best-in-class drawbar pull and horsepower, features industry-leading visibility down to the blade, tracks and work area — and provides excellent control customization and load management for tackling heavy earthmoving and fine grading.

Case 850 Dozer Weight

Case 850 dozer weight:21,980 – 22,750 lbs.

Case 850 Dozer Oil Capacity

Case 850Dozer Engine Oil Capacity – 4 gal (15 l)

Case 850 Dozer Engine

Case 850 Dozer Engine – Case 6-590 engine

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Case 850 Dozer FAQ

How Big Is a CASE 850 dozer?

Case 850 dozer Blade depth below ground is 19.3 in (49 cm), Height – Top of Cab is 116.4 in (296 cm), Length of Track on Ground is 8.5 ft (3 m).

What engine is in a CASE 850 dozer?

The Case 850L dozer is powered by a 6.7-L electronic six-cylinder engine that produces an output of 96 net horsepower (72 kW).
The Dozers from Case 750L and the 850L make use of an engine called the Case PowerStat hydrostatic drive, which has a one-lever controller for speed and direction.

How much horsepower does a Case 850 dozer have?

Case 850 dozer engine produces a 90 hp (67 kW)

What is the weight of the Case 850 Dozer?

The weight of the Case 850 Dozer varies depending on the model. The Case 850D has an operating weight of 16,089 pounds

What is the travel speed of the Case 850 Dozer?

The travel speed of the Case 850 Dozer varies depending on the model. The Case 850D has a maximum forward speed of 6.2 mph and a maximum reverse speed of 7.5 mph

What is the hydraulic system of the Case 850 Dozer?

The hydraulic system of the Case 850 Dozer varies depending on the model. The Case 850D has a hydraulic system capacity of 12.5 gallons and a relief valve pressure of 2,500 psi

What is the blade of the Case 850 Dozer?

The blade of the Case 850 Dozer varies depending on the model. The Case 850D has an 8’6″ 6-way blade

What is the ripper of the Case 850 Dozer?

The ripper of the Case 850 Dozer varies depending on the model. Some models have a ripper attachment that can be used for breaking up hard soil or rock

How do I maintain my Case 850 Dozer?

Maintaining the Case 850 Dozer ensures its durability and functionality. Oil and fluid levels, tracks, undercarriage, air filter, and hydraulic system leak checks are routine maintenance activities. The manufacturer’s handbook provides maintenance instructions.

How do I troubleshoot my Case 850 Dozer?

For Case 850 Dozer troubleshooting, check the manufacturer’s handbook or a professional technician. Checking fluid levels, tracks, undercarriage, and hydraulic system leaks are essential troubleshooting tasks.

How do I operate my Case 850 Dozer?

The Case 850 Dozer demands skill and training. Before using the machine, read the instructions and get certified technical training. Start the engine, engage the gearbox, operate the blade and ripper, and adjust speed and direction.

How do I transport my Case 850 Dozer?

Transporting the Case 850 Dozer needs safety gear. Load and unload the machine with a lowboy trailer or flatbed vehicle with ramps. To prevent movement during transit, secure the machine using chains or straps. To guarantee legal road carriage, examine the machine’s weight and dimensions.

How do I store my Case 850 Dozer?

Proper storage preserves the Case 850 Dozer. Cover the machine for dryness. To prevent rust, clean and inspect the equipment before storage. The manufacturer recommends removing the battery and unplugging the electrical system for long-term storage.

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