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 Case Ih 6088 Combine

Case IH 6088 Combine Price 

2008 $99,500 USD
2009 $102,700 USD
2010 $127,500 USD
2011 $129,000 USD
2012 $139,500 USD

Case IH 6088 Combine  Weight

The total weight (with header) is 14515 kg

Case IH 6088 Combine Horsepower

Power (kW/HP) 246 kW / 335 KM

Case IH 6088 Combine Engine oil capacity

6088 Combine Engine oil capacity 8300 cm3 (8,3 l.)

Case IH 6088 Combine Years Made

6088 Combine Years Made from 2008 to 2011

 Case IH 6088 Combine Future

  • Lift Cylinders for Feeders: The 6088 and 7088 use two 3-inch feeder lift cylinders, while the 5088 uses two 212-inch cylinders. For bigger headers, a third-cylinder option is no longer necessary.
  • Feeder Chain: A three-strand/two-slat serrated feeder chain transports crops. Serrations are rolled in, not stamped, for optimal material flow and grain quality.
  • Belt Drive System: The header and feeder are driven by a simple, dependable, field-proven belt drive system. It consistently meets client demands.
  • New Feeder Reverser System: The 88 Series has a redesigned feeder reverser. Its high-performance electro-hydraulic reverser has positive gear-to-gear contact only while reversing.

Case IH 6088Combine Specs 

General information about Case IH Axial-Flow 6088
Brand Case IH
Model Axial-Flow 6088
Years from 2008 to 2011 y.
Reviews Case IH Axial-Flow 6088 reviews New!
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Case IH Axial-Flow 6088 vs Case IH Axial-Flow 7088

2388 vs Case IH Axial-Flow 6088

Case IH Axial-Flow 6088 vs Case IH Axial-Flow 6130 (’11)

Questions about Case IH Axial-Flow 6088 Forum – Case IH Axial-Flow 6088 questions and discussions New!


Specs Value
Engine manufacturer Case IH Motor Cummins
Engine type (model/version) 6TAA-8304
Engine capacity 8300 cm3 (8,3 l.)
Cylinders, qty 6
Turbocharging available
Power (kW/HP) 246 kW / 335 KM
Engine fuel tank 950 l.
AdBlue tank none


Case IH Axial-Flow 6088 header specs Value
Header width (working) 609 cm
Alternative widths 518 – 732 cm
Automatic header height mode available
Header tilt systems available
Header tilt adjustment (longitudinal tilt/cross fall) none
Reel diameter 107 cm
Reel speed adjustment hydraulics
Header reverser / Reel reverse feature hydraulics

Threshing Mechanism

Case IH Axial-Flow 6088 threshing specs Value
Diameter of cylinder threshing mechanism 76 cm
Width of cylinder threshing mechanism 279 cm

Straw Walkers

Case IH Axial-Flow 6088 straw walkers specs Value
Straw walkers, qty 1 straw walker


Case IH Axial-Flow 6088 sieves specs Value
Upper sieve area n.d.
Lower sieve area 2,33 m2
Total screening area
screening area covered by the fan
5,48 m2
Lower sieve type adjustable


Case IH Axial-Flow 6088 specs Value
Unloading speed n.d.
Grain tank capacity n.d.
Max. speed 25 km/h
Grain loss indicator available


Case IH Axial-Flow 6088 transmission specs Value
Transmission hydraulic transmission
Forward gears 3


Case IH Axial-Flow 6088 brakes Value
Brakes disc brakes


Case IH Axial-Flow 6088 dimensions Value
Length (with header) 7,69 m
Width (with header) 6,54 m
Width (without header) 4 m
Height (with cab) 3,9 m
The total weight (with cab) 16500 kg
The total weight (with header) 14515 kg
Front tyres (drive wheels) 900/65R32
Rear tyres (turning wheels) 600/65R28
Alternative front tyres 800/65R32
Alternative rear tyres 460/70R24


Specs Value
Air conditioning with air conditioning
Heating with heating

Case IH 6088 Combine Review

The Case IH 6088 Axial-Flow combine is a popular choice for farmers and ranchers who need a reliable machine to harvest their crops efficiently. It has a comfortable cab, user-friendly controls, a powerful 304 horsepower 9L Case IH A9L engine, and a hydrostatic transmission that delivers smooth power transfer.

Full review YouTube video check here.


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FAQs –  Case IH 6088 Combine  

Q. What engine is used in Case IH 6088 combine

Ans. This Case IH Axial 6088 is a 15.1t machine that has the Case IH engine that can power this model up to 227kW or 304 horsepower. It is a Case IH combination harvester and is part of the moderately powerful machine segment within the category of combined harvesters.

Q. What is the horsepower of the 6088 combines get?

Ans. It is the Case IH Axial Flow 6088 is a 15.1t machine powered by a Case IH engine which powers this model up 227 kW or the equivalent of 304 horses. The Case IH Combine Harvester falls under the moderately powerful machine segment within the category of combine harvesters.

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