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Massey Ferguson 65 HP Tractor Price, Specs, Review, Serial Numbers, Weight, Attachments, History & Pictures

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About Massey Ferguson 65

The Massey Ferguson 65 is a 2WD utility tractor manufactured in Detroit, Michigan, USA, and Coventry, England, from 1958 to 1964.

Massey Ferguson 65 comes with one of three engines.

One of two transmissions is available: a type with the dry clutch transmission with 6 forward gears and 2 reverse. Or a two-range powershift with the dry clutch transmission with 12 forward gears and 4 reverse.

This tractor was also available in high-clearance (C), utility, and high-clearance(S) models.

Massey Ferguson 65 History

The Massey Ferguson 65 (MF65) is a popular row-crop tractor that was introduced in the year 1957 in Detroit, Michigan in the USA, and later in the year 1958, in the UK in Coventry, England.

Before the merger together with Massey Harris in 1953, Harry Ferguson was already designing an even larger tractor that would complement the famous TE20.

The tractor was dubbed the “LTX” abbreviation meaning “large tractor prototype” The design was similar to the TE20 however it was bigger and came with an engine that could reach 60 horsepower. It was eventually scrapped soon after the purchase.

Massey Ferguson 65 Price

Massey Ferguson 65 Specs

Massey Ferguson 65 Original Price: $3,935 (1964 )

Massey Ferguson 65 Horsepower

Massey Ferguson 65 Horsepower: 41 hp [30.6 kW]

Massey Ferguson 65 Weight

Massey Ferguson 65 Weight: 4185 to 4511 pounds

Massey Ferguson 65 lift Capacity

Massey Ferguson 65 lift Capacity: 1500 lbs. capacity

Massey Ferguson 65 battery size

Massey Ferguson 65 battery size is NA

Massey Ferguson 65 tire size

Massey Ferguson 65 tire size is 5.50-16, 7.50-16 front and 11-38, 12-28 rear

Massey Ferguson 65 Serial Numbers

Year Serial Numbers
1957 650001 (USA)
1958 650024 (USA)
1959 661164 (USA)
1960 671379 (USA)
1961 680210 (USA)
1962 685370 (USA)
1963 693040 (USA)
1964 701057 (USA)
1965 710788 (USA)
1958 500001 (UK)
1959 510451 (UK)
1960 520569 (UK)
1961 533180 (UK)
1962 551733 (UK)
1963 572325 (UK)
1964 593028 (UK)
Final 614024 (UK)

Massey Ferguson 65 Specs

General Specifications

Model Massey Ferguson 65
Length 3,370 mm (132.7 in)
Width 1,820 mm (71.7 in)
Height Utility: 1,440 mm (56.7 in)
Hi-Clearance: 159 mm (6.3 in)
Wheelbase 2,130 mm (83.9 in)
Ground clearance Utility: 360 mm (14.2 in)
Hi-Clearance: 510 mm (20.1 in)
Weight (operating) Gas: 1,900 kg (4,189 lbs)
Diesel: 2,050 kg (4,519 lbs)
Fuel tank capacity 50.0 liters (13.2 US gal.; 11 Imp. gal)
Battery Two 6V
Cabin type Open operator station


Engine model Continental
Engine type Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Cylinders 4
Fuel type Gasoline/LP-gas
Displacement 2.9 L, 2,884 cm2, (176.0 cu·in)
Bore and stroke 91.0 mm X 111.0 mm (3.58 in X 4.37 in)
Compression ratio Gasoline: 7.1:1
LP-gas: 8.0:1
Starter Electric
Coolant capacity: 9.8 L (10.4 US. qt, 8.6 Imp. qt.)


Engine model Perkins 4A.203
Engine type Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Cylinders 4
Fuel type Diesel
Displacement 3.3 L, 3,327 cm2, (203.0 cu·in)
Bore and stroke 91.0 mm X 127.0 mm (3.58 in X 5 in)
Compression ratio 17.4:1
Starter Electric
Oil capacity: 7.1 L (7.5 US. qt, 6.2 Imp. qt.)
Coolant capacity: 9.5 L (10 US. qt, 8.4 Imp. qt.)


Engine model Perkins 4A.192
Engine type Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Cylinders 4
Fuel type Diesel
Displacement 3.1 L, 3,146 cm2, (192.0 cu·in)
Bore and stroke 89.0 mm X 127.0 mm (3.50 in X 5 in)
Compression ratio 16.5:1
Starter Electric
Oil capacity: 6.0 L (6.35 US. qt, 5.3 Imp. qt.)
Coolant capacity: 8.5 L (9.5 US. qt, 7.5 Imp. qt.)

Transmission and chassis

Chassis 4×2 2WD
Steering type Manual or power (option)
Brakes Differential mechanical internal expanding disc
Transmission model Dual Range
Transmission type Gear type with dry disc clutch
Gears 6 forward and 2 reverse
Speed Forward: 19.7 kmh (12.2 mph) Reverse: 11.4 (7.1 mph)
Transmission oil capacity 30.0 L (7.9 US. gal, 6.6 Imp. gal.)
Transmission model Multi-Power
Transmission type Two-range power shift with dry disc clutch
Gears 12 forward and 4 reverse


Front tires Ag: 5.50-16, 6.00-16, 7.50-16
Rear tires Ag: 11-38, 12-28, 12-38, 13-28

Three-Point Hitch

Category I
Control type
Lift capacity (at ends)

PTO (Power take-off shaft)

Rear PTO type Live
Rear PTO speed 540 rpm

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic type Open center
Hydraulic capacity 30.3 L (8 US. gal, 6.7 Imp. gal.)
Pressure 2500 psi (172.4 bar)
Pump flow 4.76 GPM (18 lpm)

Massey Ferguson 65 Review

The Massey Ferguson 65 is a classic tractor that was produced from 1958 to 1964. It was powered by a 3-cylinder Perkins A4.192 diesel engine that produced 43 horsepower at the belt. The 65 was available with a variety of transmission options, including a manual, powershift, and Multi-Power.

Full review YouTube video check here

Massey Ferguson 65 Attachments

Attachment overview
Massey Ferguson 38 loader
Massey Ferguson 99 loader

38 Loader

1000 lbs lift (full at pin)
453 kg
2000 lbs breakout
907 kg
94.5 inches height (at pin)
240 cm
82.5 inches clearance (dumped)
209 cm
weight: 615 lbs
278 kg
Bucket width: 36 inches
91 cm

99 Loader

1800 lbs lift (full at pin)
816 kg
119 inches height (at pin)
302 cm
98 inches clearance (dumped)
248 cm
Bucket width: 42 inches
106 cm

Massey Ferguson 65 Problems

Massey Ferguson 65 Diesel Engine Troubleshooting

Diesel hard to start or doesn’t start: 

The fuel filter is clogged. Change filter element. Air is trapped in the fuel system. Air that is bled. The fuel injection nozzles may be damaged or blocked.

Change fuel injection nozzles. Fuel injection pump that is not working properly. Install a new pump, or rebuild.

Engine stops unexpectedly during operation: 

The timing of the fuel pump for injection is not correct. Make sure you set the timing of the fuel pump properly. Fuel filter plugging.

Clean the filter or install an entirely new element for the filter. The engine is cold. It is recommended to warm up the engine.

Diesel starts and stops: 

Filter for fuel that is blocked. Replace part of the filter. Fuel injection pump malfunctioning. Replace the pump or fix it. A blocked air cleaner. Service air cleaner.

The engine is overheated:

The core of the radiator is dirty or has a problem. cap for the radiator. Clean the radiator or replace the cap. Coolant levels are low.

Refill the cooling system, and inspect the components for leaks or problems. The fan belt is worn or slipping. Replace the belt. The engine oil level is not sufficient. Make sure to fill the oil up to the minimum level.

Massey Ferguson 65 Transmission Troubleshooting

Transmission makes excessive noise: 

Gears that are defective or have incorrect backlash. Adjust backlash in a correct manner and replace gears. Forks for the shift are broken or worn out.

Change the forks on your shift. Worn or stuck shaft splines. Repair the shaft. Transmission fluid isn’t enough. Examine the transmission fluid level and add more if needed. Damaged or worn bearings.

Replace the bearings. Transmission fluid contamination. Replace the fluid.

Gears are hard to shift: 

The gear shift is worn or damaged. linkage. Install a new gearshift linkage. Incorrect or malfunctioning clutch adjustment.

Clutch adjustment or replacement is required. Wear or damaged gear shift forks. Change the forks on your shift. Gearshift mechanism malfunction. Repair and identify the failed part.

Transmission oil pressure is low: 

The supply of transmission oil is not sufficient. Refill your transmission’s oil. Filtering for transmission fluid is blocked (if installed). Replace or service the transmission fluid filter. Defective relief valve. Replace the valve as needed.

Massey Ferguson 65 Hydraulics Troubleshooting

Excessive hydraulic system heat: 

Use the correct type of hydraulic fluid. Use the correct hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic fluid contamination. Change the hydraulic fluid.

The hydraulic pipe is filled with air. The hydraulic pipes have been bled. The main relief valve may be defective. Install the new valve.

Low hydraulic oil pressure: 

Hydraulic fluid level low. Make sure you replenish with hydraulic fluid. The filter element for the hydraulic oil is dirty.

Install a new hydraulic filter element. The hydraulic piping is leaky. Examine the hydraulic system for leaks, and fix them.

The spool valve of the hydraulic system is not properly adjusted. Make sure you adjust the spool valve properly. The hydraulic pump is damaged.

Repair or replace the hydraulic fluid pump. Hydraulic cylinder malfunctions. Repair or replace the hydraulic cylinder.

3-point hitch won’t lift or lifts slowly: 

The hydraulic pump may be damaged. Replace or repair the Hydraulic fluid pump. The main relief valve is damaged. Install an entirely brand-new valve for relief.

The hydraulic spool valve is damaged. Replace or repair the valve. The hydraulic cylinder is not functioning. Repair or replace the hydraulic cylinder.

Low hydraulic oil level. You need to replenish the oil. Filter element for hydraulic oil that is dirty. Install a new hydraulic filter element. The hitch is underloaded. Reduce loading.


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Massey Ferguson 65 FAQ

Is MF 65 a good tractor?

It’s a nice-looking tractor that is high-performing with great genetics that comes from Massey-Harris as well as Harry Ferguson. The MF-65 tractor was available in diesel, gasoline, and LP gas. The model featured a Continental 4-cyl. 176 engine with a Cid.

What engine is in a Massey Ferguson 65?

The tractors made in the US were fitted with a 2.9-liter Continental engine that was powered by gasoline or LPG gas. The tractors manufactured in the UK come with an LP gas or Perkins diesel engine, which has a capacity of 3.1 or 3.3 Liters.

What is the horsepower of a Massey Ferguson 65?

This Massey Ferguson 65 Tractor is a three-point hitch as well as an estimated power to operate of 41 horsepower.

What does a Massey Ferguson 65 weigh?

Massey Ferguson 65 weight: 4185 to 4511 pounds

What horsepower is a 65 Massey Ferguson?

Massey Ferguson 65 horsepower is 41

What year did Massey Ferguson make the 65?

Massey Ferguson 65 made in 1957

What engine does a Massey Ferguson 65 have?

Massey Ferguson 65 has a Perkins engine

How many Massey Ferguson 65 were made?

21.378 of the tractors were built prior to the time that their MkII came out in the year 1960 and a boost in power by 56.8 h.p. Standard MkII’s were made prior to the introduction of the MkII Multi-Power during the year 1962. A additional 15,687 were produced.

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