Fuel Tank Capacity
7 + 0.6 Ltr
4 Forward & 1 Reverse Constant Mesh with Wet Multiplate Clutch
Front Leading Link Type with Helical Compresion Spring & Shock Absorber
Rear Two Sets of Longitudinal Leaf Springs, Assisted By Two Telescopic Shock Absorbers
Rectangular Ladder Type
Electrical System
12 – V – 50 Ah, Multiplate Lead Acid
Overall Dimensions (In mm) DRIVER + 3 PASSENGER DRIVER + 6 PASSENGER
Overall Length 2830 2910
Overall Width 1330 1330
Overall Height 1870 1870
Wheel Base 1960 1960
Seating Capacity Driver + 3 Passenger Driver + 6 Passenger
Weights (in Kg)
Max. GVW 700 940
4.5 – 10 – 8 PR


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