Steiner 450 Tractor Price, Specifications, Review, Overview

The Steiner 450 turf tractor is Fitted with Powerful engines and a hydraulic system, articulating, wide stance, an oscillating frame, And a new hydraulic weight transfer and traction boost system. Throw in easy operation And more than 25 Available attachments.

Steiner 450 Tractor Price, Specifications, Features & Images

So if you have no idea about the Steiner 450 Tractor’s price, technical specifications, Key features, and Images and then you have been placed at the right place, cause here you can get everything that you need to know about the Steiner 450 Tractor, I hope it is helpful to you. Ok, no more talks let’s start it.

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Steiner 450 Tractor Price

Price: $26,995 USD 

Steiner 450 Tractor Specifications


75-75025 Kubota® D902
75-75032 Kubota® WG972
75-75037 Vanguard M61 EFI


Pump Turolla Group 2 Series Fixed Displacement, Stacked Configuration
Flow capacity (gpm) 6 gpm @ 3600 RPM
Lift, steering, auxiliary pressure 1750 PSI
Hydraulic oil capacity 5.25 US Gallons


Drive train Eaton® Model 70160, Variable Displacement Piston Pump
Transaxles (2) Peerless® 2600 Dual Range
Speeds High range: 9.5 MPH forward; 7 MPH reverse
Low range: 6 MPH forward, 4.5 MPH reverse
Steering Hydraulic Power Steering
Brakes Hand lever engaged parking disc brake


Front PTO clutch Warner® CMS 250 Series Electric Clutch/Brake
Hydraulic outlets Quick Couplers-Front


Field Trac (All-Terrain) 22×12-10
Mag Off-Road (Bar) 22×12-10
Lightfoot (Turf) 22×11-10


Front Steiner Quick-Hitch System, with standard front release control or optional release from a seated position
Back Standard 2″ receiver hitch, with optional category 1 compatible three-point hitch


Armrests Standard
Suspension Radial Bearing Suspension, Deluxe Mechanical Suspension Seat
Adjustment 6″ Fore and Aft


Overall width 44.5″, 50.5″ with 3″ wheel extensions, 66.5″ with dual wheels
Overall length 80.5″ with ROPS up
Overall height 73.5″ with ROPS up; 55″ with ROPS folded
Wheelbase 43.5″ front to rear axle
Minimum ground clearance 4.75″
Frame oscillation 9″
Turning radius 43.5″
Frame articulation 36 degrees


Lighting Dual LED Headlights and Taillights
Storage Compartment Standard
Cup Holder Standard
PTO Tension Adjustment Manual
Front and Rear Skid Plates Standard
12 Volt Outlet Standard – 15 amp
Adjustable Foot Plate Height Adjustable Rear Pedal Positions
Hand Lever Speed Control Optional
Fuel System 7 US Gallon Tank Capacity
Rollover Protective Structure Standard, folds down

Steiner 450 Review

The Steiner 450 is a small articulated tractor that people like for being versatile, performing well, and being tough. It’s a common choice for farmers, ranchers, landscapers, and other professionals who need a tractor that can do many different jobs, even in tough conditions.

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Steiner 450 Attachments

  1. Snow blower: A snow blower attachment can be used for clearing snow from driveways, sidewalks, and other areas.
  2. Blade attachment: A blade attachment can be used for pushing or leveling dirt, gravel, and other materials.
  3. Tiller attachment: A tiller attachment can be used for tilling soil and preparing garden beds.
  4. Plow attachment: A plow attachment can be used for plowing snow or dirt.
  5. Cultivator attachment: A cultivator attachment can be used for breaking up and aerating soil.
  6. Brush cutter attachment: A brush cutter attachment can be used for clearing overgrown areas with thick brush and weeds.

Steiner 450 Problems

  1. Hydraulic problems: The hydraulic system of the tractor may develop leaks, which can cause a loss of hydraulic pressure and affect the performance of attachments.
  2. Electrical problems: The electrical system of the tractor may malfunction, leading to issues with starting the engine or powering accessories.
  3. Transmission problems: The transmission of the tractor may experience issues such as slipping gears, difficulty in shifting, or loss of power.
  4. Steering problems: The steering system of the tractor may malfunction, leading to difficulty in turning or loss of control.

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Steiner 450 Tractor FAQ

How much does a Steiner 450 cost?

The Cost of Steiner 450 is $26,995 USD

How much does a Steiner 450 weigh?

The weight of Steiner 450 Kubota diesel was 1665 lbs 755 kg, Kubota gas 1660 lbs 752 kg, and Vanguard gas 1575 lbs 714 kg.

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